I do mission photography of all kinds, for example, weddings, events, portraits, etc. The assignments are done for private individuals , companies, organisations and the media.
All pictures ( whit few exceptions) in my portfolio and on my social media can be purchased. Price vary depending on usage. Some images cannot be printed in larger sizes due to cropping of the images.


Assignment rates
Private individuals 1100 SEK / Hour (minimum  charge 1 hour)
Company 1500 SEK / Hour (minimum charge 2 hours)
travel allowance is added at 45 SEK / 10 km

Digital images
The right to use the images is agreed on each occasion with an agreement.
Changes to the images metadata may only be made in consultation with the photographer.

Private use
Low resolution images not rendered are included in the assignment rates.
Rendered high resolution
1 picture       1000 SEK
5 pictures     2100 SEK
10 pictures   3800 SEK
20 pictures   5200 SEK
50 pictures   7500 SEK

Editorial use
4500 - 6000 SEK (rendered high resolution)

Advertising use
3000 - 9000 SEK (rendered high resolution)

Printing / Enlargements
Private use
9x12 cm       180 SEK
13x18 cm     350 SEK
18v24 cm    450 SEK
24x30 cm    650 SEK
30x40 cm    850 SEK
40x50 cm   1250 SEK
50x60 cm   1600 SEK
60x80 cm   2500 SEK
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